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Speed & Conditioning Programs 

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Middle School 

Middle School
(Ages 7-14): The curriculum focuses on mental development, coordination, athleticism, and proper running technique in a controlled environment. Also focuses on progressing athletic movement with introduction of speed mechanics, Strength Training through the utilization of calisthenics , cardiovascular endurance and basic weight lifting form and technique.

Mental Development

  • Character Development

  • Build Work Ethic

  • Development of Training Knowledge

  • Theory and Terminology

  • Instilling a Healthy Lifestyle

Athletic Development

  • Establish Core Strength and Flexibility

  • Development of Motor Skills and Movement Patterns

  • Speed Mechanics & Dynamics

  • Plyometrics Training

  • Improvement of Range of Motion

  • Functional, Explosive and Absolute Strength Enhancement

High School 

(Ages 15-18): The curriculum focuses on broadening mental and athletic development with the implementation of linear and lateral speed and agility dynamics, sport – specific training and the development of  strength, power,  using Olympic lifts, mirroring a Division 1 collegiate program.

Mental Development

  • Character Development

  • Importance of Punctuality, Team Work , Work Ethic and Communication

  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Increasing Training Knowledge

  • Theory and Terminology

Athletic Development

  • Linear and lateral Acceleration & Velocity Speed Dynamics

  • Plyometric Training

  • Sport-Specific Strength Training

  • Advanced Flexibility Training, Joint Stability and Mobility Training

  • Olympic Lifting​


​All Sports helps collegiate athletes prepare for their upcoming seasons by taking their physical skills to the next level. We focus on maximizing peak cardiovascular endurance, speed and agility, sports specific movements, as well as, performance in the weight room.


All Sports provides a wide range of services, which address the specific needs of the aspiring professional football athlete. We serve the total athlete with a proven approach to training that produces results. Fads and trends are avoided in favor of tested techniques using the leading edge science of human performance. All Sports has assembled the finest team of experts in their individual fields to provide a comprehensive and complete training regimen for the prospective NFL athlete. We have the programs, the expertise and, most importantly, the facility to help athletes preparing for the Combine or Pro-Day maximize their draft potential.


Combine Training Program (Minimum 8- 10 week participation) 

All athletes will take part in the following:

  • Full pre-program performance assessments to determine weaknesses and imbalances

  • Full pre-testing session to establish initial performance benchmarks. Actual gains will be measured against these starting times/weights. This will include full video analysis of running stride, start and agility technique for use in both training and end point feedback.

  • Goals setting session

  • Training (4-5 Days a week)

  • Test Preparation for key combine assessments

    • Vertical Jump

    • Broad Jump

    • 225-lb Bench Press

    • 10, 20, 40- yard Dash

    • Pro-Shuttle

    • 60- Yard Shuttle

    • 3- Cone “L” Drill

  • Position specific skill development

  • Linear, multi-directional, and maximum speed development

  • Maximal power development through the use of explosive, Olympic and dynamic strength exercises

  • Complete plyometric training for lower body power and upper body explosiveness

  • First step quickness

  • Reaction time

  • Work capacity training

  • Energy system development

  • Dynamic mobility/ flexibility development

  • Post-workout nutritional recovery shake after each workout

This specialized program designed is the core of our results-focused approach to Combine preparation. We train potential professional football players to maximize their performance at the Combine, All-Star game and Pro-Day by focusing on testing skills, position skills and overall conditioning.

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